Audi, in collaboration with Global Bioenergies, produces the first batch of ‘e-benzin’

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Sustainable energy is the need of the hour and German car maker Audi is on a verge of gifting the world what it needs. Audi, in collaboration with Global Bioenergies, has come out with positive results in the development of sustainable, synthetic fuels: the first batch of “e-benzin”. Audi “e-benzin” is synthetically produced without the use of petroleum.

Audi E-Benzin - 1

The Audi “e-benzin” is 100-percent iso-octane and therefore has an octane rating of RON 100. Because Audi “e-benzin” contains no sulfur or benzene, it burns very cleanly and thus, is a high-grade fuel that enables engines to use high compression ratios for enhanced efficiency. Audi will test the new fuel in the lab and in test engines. For now and in the medium term, Audi and Global Bioenergies aim to modify the process so that it requires no biomass, instead requiring just water, hydrogen, CO2 and sunlight.

Audi E-Benzin - 2

Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development at AUDI AG, emphasized that Audi has taken a broad-based approach to the development of CO2-neutral, non-fossil fuels. Audi is already producing larger quantities of “e-gas” (synthetic methane) on an industrial scale for its customers. Other research projects with various partners are dedicated to Audi “e-ethanol”, Audi “e-diesel” and Audi “e-benzin”.

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