Ather Celebrates Its First Year Of Launch, Interesting Stats Inside

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When you think about a premium electric scooter brand, Ather is undoubtedly one of the first names to come up in your mind. Catering only to the city of Bengaluru, for now, Ather has successfully completed its first year in this niche market. Since the launch, the start-up has achieved quite a few milestones, making it rather hard to believe that this technology-driven start-up, owned by students from IIT Madras is just a year old.

Ather 450 rolling front

Does Ather need to worry about this emerging threat?

Before we present you with the numbers, let us talk shortly about the various turning points in Ather’s journey over the last year. With FAME II approval, Ather could pass on some benefits to all of its owners. The government too, has been in full support of the brand, offering home and public charging infrastructure is set-up without any hassles. A proud moment for the team was when the first batch of scooters were delivered to the customers and subsequently stocks being sold out till September 2019. Finally, an official owners meet was organised in April 2019, and 6 major Over the Air updates were given to the Ather 450, making it one of the fastest iteration cycles in the industry.

Ather celebrates one year Ride Data

Here are some of the statistics, Ather has collected over the last year

  • Ather 450s have travelled more than 6,00,000 km collectively.
  • 3,87,580 km driven in Ride Mode
  • 2,18,014 km driven in Sport Mode
  • The maximum distance covered by a single scooter – 8,344 km (Nandi Hills – Tirupathi – Hyderabad – Vijaywada – Amaraathi – Dharmasthala)
  • Average riding distance on weekends – 14 km
  • Average riding distance on weekdays – 17 km
  • 72 % charging at home, with a majority of charging taking place during 7 pm-6 am
  • At 5% public charging isn’t deal breaker for two-wheelers
  • 23% with charging cable
  • 65% of charging start over 40% state of charge
  • 90% of rides start over 40% state of charge
  • Non-Ather two-wheelers dominate Ather Grid usage
  • Bengaluru’s most popular charging location is Ather Space.
  • Restaurants and Cafes make up for 49% of charging stops

Ather Celebrates its first year charging stats

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Currently, the brand has two scooters on offer, the flagship Ather 450 and the Ather 340. While both these scooters share major mechanical components, the latter comes with a smaller battery pack for a more affordable price point. Currently, only available in the city of Bengaluru, the company has already started to work on its expansion to other Indian cities, the first being Chennai where its extensive charging network, the Ather Grid is being set up. Post Chennai, the brand would be aiming to enter cities like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi, gradually making its way all over the country.