Aprilia And Vespa Scooters Can Now Be Leased

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Piaggio India is the go-to brand if you’re after a stylish Italian scooter, in which case, you can pick any Vespa. But if you’re after something which is sportier too, you can pick from one of the Aprilias. Sadly, as of now, it’s only scooters the brand has to offer to fans in India

Piaggio India has now announced its partnership with OTO Capital to bring vehicle leasing option for Vespa and Aprilia range of scooters in Pune and Bangalore. Through this attractive leasing option, customers can now enjoy the premium Italian riding experience on Vespa or Aprilia scooter for a low down payment and with a 30 per cent discount on the EMI.

Aprilia Storm

If that’s not enough, customers can also reap the benefits of the special offer – up to Rs. 2500 completely waived off on the first month’s subscription fee. They also have the option to upgrade or own the scooter at the end of the tenure. In addition, the company will make sure that customers can avail a swift and paperless leasing process across Vespa and Aprilia dealerships through the OTO app.

The main benefit of this new ownership model lies in the fact that one would have to pay only for the number of years they want to keep the vehicle and then return it anytime, or simply exchange it for a new one, without any loss or depreciation of cost. This would lead customers to pay less and gain more on their favourite Vespa and Aprilia models. Further, through the leasing option, one can even upgrade to a more premium model of Vespa and Aprilia in the same EMI budget.

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On the other hand, employees of corporates who have tied-up with OTO Capital can now enjoy hassle-free leasing of Vespa and Aprilia scooters and secure flexible ownership plans which also provides them with additional tax savings. Commenting on the association with OTO Capital, Mr Diego Graffi, Chairman and MD, Piaggio India said, “We welcome the partnership with OTO Capital to facilitate this new model of ownership. Now, our discerning customers can enjoy interesting ownership options across our premium offerings of Vespa and Aprilia. We see flexible ownership to be a desirable new trend amongst the youth of India and we believe, Vespa and Aprilia would lead it to extend the premium experience to the aspirants.”

Vespa has recently launched the special-edition Racing Sixties and has also introduced a facelifted BS6 range. On the other side, Aprilia has also introduced the 160 CC SR range and has recently launched the Storm Disc brake and Digital cluster model.

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