Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik wins the MRF 42nd K1000 Rally 2016

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Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik pulled out all the stops to win the coveted MRF 42nd K1000 Rally 2016 in Bengaluru with an overall time of This is the second time that the Team Mahindra Adventure driver has won India’s oldest rally in the country; the last one being in 2013.

The first runner up and the second runner up of the MRF 42nd K1000 Rally 2016 were Phalguna V and Rahul Kanthraj with an overall time of 00:53:38.1 and 00:54:30.5 respectively.


Amidst several championship contenders coming into the final round, Gaurav Gill of Team Mahindra Adventure failed to finish the rally when he had driveshaft failure in SS 1. Arjun Rao also failed to finish the event while running third due to gearbox failure.

Amittrajit and Ashwin took home Rs. 50,000/- in prize money. The prize money and trophies for the podium finishers were handed out by patrons of the Karnataka Motor Sports Club.

The prize winners for the different categories are as follows:


3- Place Rahul Kanthraj (Driver) Vivek Y. Bhatt (Co-Driver) CNo: 8
2- Place Phalguna V. Urs (Driver) Chandramouli C.M (Co-Driver) CNo: 6
1- Place Amittrajit Ghosh (Driver) Ashwin M. Naik (Co-Driver) CNo: 2

Winners of IRC

3- Place Ritesh.M.Guttedar (Driver) Sheraz Ahmed (Co-Driver) CNo: 20
2- Place Mohammed Kasim A.A (Driver) Sanath G (Co-Driver) CNo: 16
1- Place Abhilash P.G (Driver) Srikant Gowda G.M (Co-Driver) CNo: 1

Winners of FMSCI Cup

3- Place Ganapathy S C (Driver) Venu Ramesh Kumar (Co-Driver) CNo: 21
2- Place Krishnakant Yadav (Driver) Sagar M (Co-Driver) CNo: 25
1- Place Sridhar N Urs (Driver) Roopesh B C (Co-Driver) CNo: 23

Winners of Gypsy Cup

3- Place Nayan J Sarma (Driver) Shuchindra S.P (Co-Driver) CNo: 29
2- Place Shiva Kumar Reddy (Driver) Vinay Prasad B.K. (Co-Driver) CNo: 32
1- Place Sanjay Agarwal (Driver) Smitha N (Co-Driver) CNo: 28

Winners of INRC 2000

3- Place Aroor Vikram Rao (Driver) Jeevarathinam J (Co-Driver) CNo: 19
2- Place Bopaiah K.M (Driver) Gagan Karumbaiah (Co-Driver) CNo: 14
1- Place Rahul Kanthraj (Driver) Vivek Y. Bhatt (Co-Driver) CNo: 8
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