‘All izz Well’ between Webber & Red Bull Racing

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Mark Webber has issued a statement clearing all speculations which suggested that his relationship with Red Bull Racing had been strained after last week’s F1 race held at Silverstone. His team-mate Sebastian Vettel was given preferential treatment by the team, angering Webber. After winning the Siverstone race, he even commented on the team radio that his performance wasn’t bad for a No.2 driver! The above comment clearly highlighted Webber’s frustration with the treament metted out to him by Red Bull Racing. But, surely it didn’t bring either the team or its internal affairs in a good light.Soon, speculations started spreading how ‘all is not well’ between Webber and Red Bull Racing resulting in a lot of bad press for both the parties.

But, Mark Webber has made an effort to clear the Silverstone aftershocks by uploading an official statement on his personal website under the heading ‘Respect runs deep at Red Bull Racing’. In that statement, Webber accepts that Sebastian received the newer front wing for reasons which ere clearly not explained to him until the late afternoon on Saturday. His statement further says, “Obviously I can see why a team may at certain points have to favour a driver with more points in the championship, if there are only enough resources to fully support one of us.” Webber also says, “We have already debriefed the race weekend at the factory and have cleared the air. It’s now understood that, should we face this unlikely delima again, preference will go to the championship points leader.’

Accepting his loud-mouth gaffe, he says,”Of course things get said in the heat of the moment which, with hindsight goggles on, probably shouldn’t have been said.” He has also cleared the air about his relationship with team boss Christian Horner by stating that we are friends and have a strong mutual respect which continues and extends to other activities, such as our GP3 team and interest in funding and nurturing young talent. Commenting on Vettel, his words are “I know I have a very good driver as a team-mate and wouldn’t want it in any other way.” Seems like ‘All izz Well’ at Red Bull Racing for now!

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