All-Electric Skoda Enyaq iV Unveiled; Offers A 510-km Range

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Taking its first step towards electrification, Skoda Auto unveiled the Enyaq iV all-electric SUV at its world premiere last evening. The Enyaq iV is the first Skoda production model to be based on Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electrification Toolkit (MEB). The MEB consists of what is known as the skateboard platform, in which the battery is incorporated into the floor to save space.

The all-electric SUV is available with three battery sizes, five power variants and rear- or all-wheel drive, and caters to a wide range of needs for a variety of uses. Skoda’s new flagship is made at the Czech carmaker’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav – making it the only model in Europe based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform to be built outside Germany.

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Three battery sizes, five power outputs ranging from 109 to 225 kW and rear- or all-wheel drive cater to many different requirements and uses. With ranges of up to 510 km* in the WLTP cycle, the Enyaq iV can tow trailers weighing up to 1,400 kg (8% gradient) or 1,200 kg (12% gradient). The Enyaq also gets a top-spec RS version which is powered by a 225 kW/460 Nm system which propels it to 100 kmph from a standstill in 6.2 seconds. Top speed for this variant is capped at 180 kmph and the WLTP range stands at 460 km.

Among the three battery choices on offer, the 82-kWh battery, which has a net capacity of 77 kWh, can be charged from 5 to 80 per cent in just 38 minutes DC charging points. At home, the Enyaq iV can be ‘refuelled’ overnight using an AC wall box of up to 11 kW – depending on the battery size, this process takes six to eight hours.

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The Enyaq iV’s aerodynamics allow for a high level of efficiency and, as a result, long ranges. This is also evident in the drag coefficient (Cd) from 0.27, which is achieved with the help of tyres that boast a particularly low rolling resistance. A heat pump, which is used for the heating and air conditioning in the interior, is an optional extra for the electric SUV. A highly efficient heat pump system compresses refrigerant under high pressure. This produces heat, which is used to warm up the cold air flowing into the car. This way, approximately 3 to 4 kWh per 100 km less energy from the battery is used to power the high-voltage heater –meaning the range is up to 30 per cent greater than in electric vehicles without a heat pump in temperatures as low as -25°C.

The SUV can automatically warn of collisions with other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and fixed obstacles, ideally preventing an accident completely or at least minimising its consequences. Up to nine airbags protect the occupants in the event of an accident. Proactive Crew Protect Assist automatically tensions the seat belts during emergency braking and closes the windows and the panoramic sliding roof in the event of an impending collision, or if the car is in danger of skidding or tipping over.

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The Enyaq iV is equipped with LED headlights and tail lights as standard, whilst full LED Matrix headlights and full led tail lights in a ‘C’ shape are available as options. Each Matrix high-beam module contains 24 LEDs, which can be controlled individually and enable the driver to have the high beam on at all times without dazzling other road users. The Enyaq iV is the first Skoda to come equipped with a head-up display featuring augmented reality, which projects information onto two different areas. It is directed onto the road up ahead of the vehicle, where larger symbols such as directional arrows indicate navigational instructions, information relating to Adaptive Lane Assist Adaptive Cruise Control is shown, and traffic signs or warnings are displayed.

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Travel Assist comprises Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Lane Assist including roadwork recognition, Traffic JamAssist and Emergency Assist. In a higher configuration level, Travel Assist can take over lateral steering in narrow spaces using online information based on current data clusters – even in the city.

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To make parking even easier, Skoda has expanded the functions of Park Assist, which up to now had already taken over the steering when driving in and out of parallel and bay parking spaces. In the new, more intelligent configuration, the system can also brake the car automatically and prevent collisions with pedestrians or objects. It allows the driver to guide their ENYAQ  into particularly tight parallel and bay parking spaces remotely via their smartphone and the Skoda Connect app. Park Assist now has a function for trained parking too. This enables the driver to record their route into a frequently used parking space. They only have to do this once, and can then automatically repeat this route in exactly the same way at any time at the push of a button.

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Inside, a free-standing display with a 13-inch screen – the largest in any ŠKODA offers customisable layouts and can be controlled by touch, via a touch slider, by multitouch gestures and with hand movements. Furthermore, it can also be operated using the Laura digital voice assistant. She understands 15 languages, for six of which she can even process fluently spoken sentences. Materials used are earth-friendly and there’s a built-in e-sim which makes this Skoda a connected car. A Founder’s Edition, which celebrated the brand’s 125th anniversary will also be available.

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