After The Safari, It Is The Tata Sierra Which Deserves A Resurrection!

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Tata Sierra is one of the most iconic vehicles ever made in India. Ask any SUV admirer if they have heard about the Tata Sierra and if they haven’t, give them a reality check that they should really reconsider claiming themselves an SUV fan. The Tata Sierra might have been discontinued almost two decades ago but the fact that its accolades are still sung among car enthusiasts tells us a lot about the macho, old-school SUV. The Sierra was renowned for its tough characteristics and no-nonsense appeal.

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Now that Tata has revived the Safari moniker, we can’t help but rekindle the possibility of seeing Sierras rolling on our streets again, in a modern avatar.

Tata Sierra

A little throwback

Tata managed to surprise the whole lot of us by unveiling the Sierra Electric concept at the Auto Expo 2020. The good times before someone decided to devour a bat for recreational purposes and managed to put the whole world in a lockdown. Needless to say, the Sierra electric concept was a show stealer at the expo and for all the right reasons! The concept showcased a wicked-looking illuminated smile and a pair of sharp-looking eyes which are made of LEDs.

Goes without saying, the concept was electric and if Tata puts the Sierra into production, it could be powered by motors instead of conventional engines. We loved the rotating front passenger chair, the Evoque-like hidden door handles and also the rear section which had its own unique visual identity. Now, if there’s any manufacturer out there whom we trust to put concepts into production and then make them come out looking almost like the beta version, it has to be Tata Motors. We hope the Sierra comes back and it does look like this concept which has been making everyone who has taken a look, drool and gawk, including us.

Tata sierra 11

Tata already has the required resources to manufacture an EV. Take the Nexon EV for instance, which has been doing really good, at least when you compare the numbers with its rivals. Tata brought back the Safari a couple of months ago and it turned out to be very impressive in its own might, albeit a few misses.

Tata sierra 13

We will crawl back in our very comfortable secluded corner, dreaming about a future with Tata Sierras prowling on the streets, flaunting its massive side glass which was cooler than the modern-day sunroofs!

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