Abolish 10% import duty, urge tyre dealers to government

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To make sure that the domestic tyre industry doesn’t behave in an “unfair and exploitative behaviour”, the All India Tyre Dealers’ Federation (AITDF) demanded abolition of the 10% import duty on tyres. Apparently, the domestic tyre manufacturers had demanded that the customs duty on tyre imports be doubled, from 10% to 20%.

According to the AITDF, domestic tyre manufacturers are charging higher than justified prices for the tyres, although the cost of rubber has actually taken a dip. The dealers want to, apparently, “counter the domestic tyre cartel,” the AITDF said in a statement. For the sake of consumers, we really hope that the government takes up this matter on a serious note and actually kills off the 10% hike in customs duty for tyres.

Source – ET

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