7th JK Tyre Indian National Rotax Max Karting Championship is go!


JK Tyre Rotax

The 7th JK Tyre Indian National Rotax Max Karting Championship got underway at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune along with the Volkswagen – J. K. Tyre Polo Cup 2010. The event witnessed over 50 competitors – both individuals as well as racers wearing proud liveries like Mohites Racing Team, Red Rooster Racing, Rayo Racing, Meco Racing and Amaron -Meco Pro Racing etc.

With a lot of new entrants this season, it was a battle of sorts as the veterans and former champions had to face some tough competition from the young blood! In the Senior’s category, Chittesh Mandody from Team Mohite Racing enjoyed a healthy competition from Team Amaron’s Parth Ghorpade and Vishnu Prasad. The former however emerged victorious while the other two settled for second and third on the podium.

The highlight of the day however was Team Red Rooster’s Abha Mankar who, in spite of being the only girl driver on the grid, took victory in the Junior’s category! Following her lead was Dhruv Mohite from Team Mohites and team mate Arjun Maini from Team Red Rooster.

JK Tyre Rotax Go Carting Championship

The the Micro Max category, Abhirath Shetty from Team Red Rooster continued the team’s dominance with his victory while Jehan Daruwala from Team Rayo Racing and team mate Kush Maini from Team Red Rooster clinched the second and third spots on the podium!

Race Results:


– 20 laps –

1. Chittesh Mandody 12:45:561

2. Parth Ghorpade 12:45:892

3. Vishnu Prasad 13:00:275


– 15 laps –

1. Abha Mankar 09:41:230

2. Dhruv Mohite 09:41:957

3. Arjun Maini 09:42:079



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