2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Breaks Cover!

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Triumph Tiger has become a household name when it comes to Adventure motorcycles and now, the Hinckley based manufacturer has revealed the heavily updated Tiger 1200 range! The Tiger 1200 can be had in as many as 5 variants including the road-oriented variants like the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer. If you wish to be more adventurous in your intent, you can opt for the more hardcore Rally Pro and Rally Explorer variants.

Variants explained

Before you screw your head up figuring out the differences between the variants, let us help you a little. The GT range, being more road-oriented, gets a 19-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel wrapped around cast aluminium alloys.

Triumph Tiger 1200

The Rally variants on the other hand, receive a 21-inch front wheel and 19-inch rear wheel wrapped around tubeless spoked set up.  This time around, Triumph has also introduced explorer variants with a 30-litre fuel tank while the other variants make do with 20-litre fuel tank. Both the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer also benefit from Blind Spot radar system.


The new Tiger 1200 line-up delivers a distinctive new look with a more upright, commanding stance accompanied by a visually lighter front end. The new generation also features a much slimmer waist and more compact design with narrower stand over, which not only makes it easier to get your feet on the floor, but also makes it easier to move around on while riding.

Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro


The new 1160cc engine brings a major step up in performance with 150PS peak power at 9,000rpm, 9PS up on the previous generation. The torque is also significantly higher than the previous generation, with 130Nm of peak torque at 7,000rpm, 8Nm up on the previous engine.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro

Completing the transformation, every Tiger features the new lightweight low-maintenance shaft drive, a key practical advantage valued by adventure touring riders. In addition to the step-up in power and torque, the new engine, tune and T-plane triple crank also bring improved acceleration and a much more responsive and exciting character, where the uneven firing interval gives excellent feel and tractability at the bottom end, combined with the really strong triple power and torque delivery all the way through the rev range.

Ride modes

Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer:Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-configurable, Off-Road and Off-Road Pro

Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer:Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-configurable and Off-Road

Tiger 1200 GT: Rain, Road and Sport

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro (1)

Weight-saving, bro!

The new Tiger 1200 is now 25kg lighter than the previous Tiger. Making a significant contribution to the transformation in weight and handling capability, the Tiger’s new frame, which is 5.4kg lighter than the previous design, features a bolt-on aluminium rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers, enhancements developed from customer feedback. Additional weight savings comes from the new aluminium fuel tank and all-new tri-link swingarm, which is 1.5kg lighter and stronger than the previous single-sided set-up, and incorporates a smaller and lighter shaft drive and bevel box.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer (1)

Other details

Class-leading Brembo Stylema® brakes are fitted to all Tiger 1200 models for powerful and progressive performance. Braking is looked after by Cornering ABS system fitted to all of the new models, which is supported by a sophisticated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). For the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer there are two seat height settings – 850mm and 870mm, while for the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer these are 875mm and 895mm.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

The new Tiger 1200 also benefits from a 7” TFT instrument cluster which features a new graphics package. The My Triumph Connectivity System is also fitted as standard on all models, enabling phone calls, turn-by-turn navigation and GoPro control.  Suspension duties are now handled by Advanced Showa semi-active suspension set-up at both the ends.

Tweaked ergonomics

A further enhancement to comfort is provided by the new easily adjustable screen, with a simple one-handed adjustment mechanism, plus new aero screen diffusers that deflect the wind off both the rider and pillion. The handlebar position has been optimised to suit each model in the Tiger 1200 range, contributing to the bike’s improved agility and ensuring great rider comfort. These are 20mm wider than the previous generation for improved off-road control. On the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer, the handlebars are 16mm higher than the other models in the line-up to deliver an even more commanding position. The footpeg positions have also been refined to deliver the optimum rider comfort and control for each model.

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Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer

We can expect Triumph to launch the Tiger 1200 in India sometime next year.

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