In 2017, Volvo will let loose 100 self-driving cars on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden

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Volvo autonomous

The future, one that petrol heads dread, is arriving fast, and it is approaching towards us without a driver in the seat. Volvo, the latest manufacturer to join the league of all others who are hell bent on making humans even lazier, is about to allow members of the public to sample their self-driving cars in 2017, as a part of their new ‘Drive Me’ project. It will involve 100 cars, with an IQ higher than their occupants, driving them around selected roads of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Equipped with an autonomous driving system that is viable for production, it uses multiple beam laser scanner, four surround radars, a trifocal camera, two long-range radars and twelve ultrasonic sensors. The autopilot system uses a high-definition 3D digital map, GPS data, a windscreen mounted wave radar and camera that can read traffic signs as well as the road’s curvature. The system is so stubborn, it has a backup setup which ensures the car does what it feels right, even if you somehow manage to disable it partly. It is only during adverse weather conditions or a technical malfunction, when the system lets go of its ego and allows a human to take control. Reach your destination, and just to please you, it’ll ask you if you wish to drive. If your ego is bigger though and you fail to respond and take control, the system will drive the car to a safer place on its own and bring it to a stop. Watch the video, if you are lazy, you’ll love the idea for sure.

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