Is this the 2016 Honda CBR250RR?


Honda-CBR-250RR - Leaked Image

So is this the production ready version of the Honda CBR250RR concept revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show? The futuristic concept was a silhouette of what the Japanese two-wheeler would offer in the future and this recent image, leaked on Facebook, suggests that the future is almost here. The source of the image still remains unknown.

An earlier released render of the CBR250RR from Young Machine magazine suggested that the motorcycle will debut on June 6, 2016 – at least that’s what the cover said. If that is indeed true, next Monday will come with lesser blues.

Honda CBR250rr concept sketch (6)

The performance numbers for upcoming 2016 CBR250RR are still under wraps. However, the digital cockpit on the concept showed a heady a 14000 rpm redline. The engine is expected to be a parallel twin-cylinder 250cc liquid-cooled motor with ride-by-wire technology and riding modes. Expect the power output figures to be around 35 bhp which is in the range of what the current breed of quarter-litres from Japan are delivering.

The 2016 Honda CBR250RR will initially be manufactured in Thailand, where its rivals will include the Yamaha R25, the Kawasaki Ninja 250, the KTM RC250, and BMW Motorrad’s G310R. The motorcycle, expected to come out with a premium set of features such as LED lights and upside down front fork, is likely to carry a relatively hefty price tag. There is no official statement from the Japanese two-wheeler maker.

Honda CBR250RR render

Render from Young Machine Magazine

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We hope to hear more official details about the CBR250RR soon. Till then let us hear your views about the motorcycle. Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming CBR250RR through the comments section.

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