2015 MotoGP: Here’s how Rossi can win the championship


MotoGp Valencia (4)

The final clash of the titans will have the Italian rider starting from the last position of the grid. This setting narrows Rossi’s chances of winning. After the Sepang clash, Rossi appealed against the penalty imposed on him for the MotoGP finale at Valencia. The appeal has been rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the punishment remains unchanged.

MotoGp Valencia (3)

In the world standings Valentino Rossi is on top with 312 pts and his teammate Jorge Lorenzo is just 7 points down. However this tiny difference will not serve much as an advantage for Rossi, also Valencia has not historically been fruitful for the champion racer.


Below are the possible ‘if Lorenzo…then Rossi’ scenarios  out of which one is going to keep us on the edge of our seats during the final explosive race! Have a look-

  • If Lorenzo wins, Rossi needs to finish second
  • If Lorenzo finishes second, Rossi needs to come in third at the chequered flag.
  • If Lorenzo comes second and Rossi comes fourth, Lorenzo will win the title by virtue of winning more races than Rossi.
  • If Lorenzo comes second and Rossi finishes fifth or below, Lorenzo clinches the title.
  • If Lorenzo finishes third and gets 16 points added to his score, he will end up with a total of 321 points. In this case, Rossi will need to finish sixth or higher.
  • If Lorenzo is fourth, Rossi will need to finish ninth or better to win the title.
  • If Lorenzo is fifth, the tithe will be Rossi’s by finishing eleventh or higher.
  • If Lorenzo is sixth, Rossi needs to finish 12th or higher.
  • If Lorenzo is eighth, Rossi needs to finish fourteenth and win the title.
  • If Lorenzo is ninth fifteenth place will be sufficient for Rossi to win his first championship in six years.
  • If Lorenzo crashes out, Rossi wins the title.
  • If both crash, still Rossi takes the title.
  • If both finish with the same points, Lorenzo will take the title because he has more wins in 2015.

Tell us what you think about the final battle, also it is prediction time! Pen down your forecasts and we will send our regards to the ones which are spot on!

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