2015 Mercedes CLS to get 9-speed gearbox

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Mercedes has been quite aggressive in terms of its strategy for the Indian car market. It has launched well over half a dozen new models this year itself. The latest news comes from the CLS segment of this German luxury car manufacturer where the facelift variants of 2015 Mercedes CLS (C218) and CLS Shooting Brake (X218) are likely to get the 9G-Tronic transmission.

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Scheduled for premier at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed on 27th of June, these new vehicles would get the 9G-Tronic transmission that has been tested out on E-Class’s entire engine line up. The upgraded gearbox is expected to give the CLS marginally improved acceleration along with better fuel economy.

In terms of the powermill, the current naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 engine is going to be replaced by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 which would be capable of producing 332 bhp and 480 Nm.

It’s just not the gearbox that is new in the CLS-Class. The 2015 facelift variants would witness Mercedes’ LED Multi-Beam headlamps which feature 36 LED bulbs per headlamp, 24 of which move independently distributing light according to the road conditions. Windshield comes equipped with two stereo cameras which provides inputs to an electronic control module that actuates the bulbs. Similar system is found in Mercedes’ competitive luxury car maker, Audi. Audi’s Matrix LED lighting permits the driver to use high-beam illumination without blinding oncoming traffic.

The current version on sale in India of the CLS was introduced by Mercedes in September 2011. Looking at Mercedes’ aggressive strategy for the Indian car market, we expect to see this new facelift variant in Indian showrooms soon. But will it come to India is the question that only time will answer.

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