2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift : Details

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The 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift will be launched on July 15. Here is a detailed report about the changes, both exterior and interior, that you will get to see on the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift.

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift front

The Polo hatchback has been one of the unsung workhorses for Volkswagen in India. Straddling the entry-level segment, it doesn’t really get as much glitz as it deserves. However, it does its job with aplomb. Among all the hatchbacks available in India, the Polo is one to look out for. Launched in 2010, it has been scaling one peak after another for Volkswagen. In 2012, it was handed a lacklustre refresh job from Volkswagen. The changes weren’t noteworthy then, but the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift really looks to set that straight.


As you can notice from the picture above, the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift has a smarter front end. Gone are the days of garishness; the new Polo presents a calm, confident image with the judicious use of bling. Inspite of three chrome strips on the engine grille of the older Polo, the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift gets a solo chrome strip. In addition, it also gets a thicker chrome strip on its proverbial chin, i.e. the air-dam.

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift rear

The other change upfront is the redesign of the headlamp and the fog-lamp assemblies. Though the basic shape of the assemblies remains the same, they get additional silver detailing. However, there aren’t any Daytime Running Light strips to be found. We feel that would have upped the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift’s oomph by a few notches. The restyling done to the tail-lamps isn’t much. The alloy wheels, on the other hand, get a fresh new design.

Completing the list of exterior changes is the addition of an Orange paint option to the available colour choices. Will it suit the Polo??


2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift steering wheel

The cornerstone change in the interiors is the addition of a premium-looking three-spoke steering wheel. It is coated in a smooth, black finish. The layout of the buttons on the steering wheel have been changed. Though it is a bit early to comment on the ergonomics of the button placement, we feel they do look pleasant. Another change is the dual-tone colour option for the dashboard. It will be available as an option, though. The central console on the dashboard will be more premium now, thanks to a silver finishing.

The instrument cluster receives fewer changes. Its shape has not been tinkered with. However, the backlight of the Multi-Information Display ( Positioned between the speedo and the tacho ) has been changed from the earlier red. It might show additional pieces of information as compared to the older one.

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift instrument console


Changes witnessed in this section aren’t wholesome. The 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift will continue using the older engines in its petrol variants. These options will be the 1.2 Litre petrol and the 1.2 Litre TSI powerplant. It will get a new 1.5 litre TDI powerplant, though. This TDI engine will be made available in two states of tune; 89 bhp and 104 bhp. We do expect these powerplants to be more refined and clatter-free than their predecessors.

This is just a short list of the known changes that the 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift will boast of. We do expect more information to flow in as the launch date of July 15 nears. Stay tuned to us for all the updates.

Pictures Courtesy – Autocar India

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  • prashanth says:

    What about the features?

    I remember reading in several blogs that the new VW Polo would have some unique safety features like City Emergency Braking and APCBS (not the Ani-lock Braking System, but braking system, but the Automatic Post Collision Braking System).

    Isn’t that true?

    If it isn’t, then do we really call it a facelift?