2013 Mahindra Quanto 4×4 Caught Testing

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Mahindra Quanto 4x4 1

Our good friends at MotorBash have spotted a Mahindra Quanto 4×4 test mule at the Pune bypass road. The Quanto can be safely credited with the title of “first mass selling sub 4-meter compact UV” and it seems like Mahindra is readying the compact Xylo to go head on against the upcoming Renault Duster 4×4.

Mahindra Quanto 4x4 4

The car being tested was having ‘4WD’ stickers on the wheel hubs and from what can be made out from these pics, the Quanto 4WD will be a strict 5 seater with no jump seats at the back. No surprise then that the car also misses out on the rear foot step.

Mahindra Quanto 4x4 3

It may be noted that Mahindra hinted at the possibility of launching a 4×4 variant back when the Quanto was launched. The Quanto 4×4 makes a lot of sense for export markets and the upcoming variant of the Quanto might get the bigger 4-pot mEagle diesel engine from the Xylo. This would mean that the 2013 Mahindra Quanto 4×4 won’t be entitled for excise duty benefits that the Government of India provides to the manufacturers of cars measuring less than 4 metres in length and having a diesel engine size of less than 1500 cubic centimetres. This enables the manufacturers to price their cars competitively by passing on the duty cut to the customers. While a bigger engine, combined with the 4 wheel drive mechanism, would definitely lead to a stratospheric price tag for the Quanto 4×4, Mahindra might not be worried about it as the demand for 4 wheel drive UVs is near to non existent and 4×4 variants cater to a very small segment of Indian car buying lot.

Mahindra Quanto 4x4 2

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