2009 J.D.Power CSI study revealed


JD Power Asia Pacific has revealed the findings of its 2009 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study among vehicle owners in India. Maruti Suzuki has secured the number one spot in customer satisfaction for the tenth consecutive year. This year’s study is based on the responses received from around 5,800 owners of more than 50 vehicle models. It was conducted in the time frame between May to August 2009.

The CSI study is currently in its 13th year.  It measures the overall satisfaction of vehicle owners who within the first 12 to 24 months of ownership had visited an authorized service center for routine maintenance or repair work.  The study examines these following factors namely service quality,  vehicle pickup, service advisor, service facility and service initiation.

RankCompany NameScore
 1 Maruti Suzuki 824
 2 Honda 791
 3 Mahindra 757
 4 Toyota 754
 5 Mahindra-Renault 750
 5 Tata 759
 6 Chevrolet 748
 7 Hyundai 743
 8 Ford 733
 9 Fiat 727
 10 Skoda 722


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