All it takes is INR 29,999 to make a Royal Enfield Himalayan look like this

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If you like what you see, this Royal Enfield Himalayan transformation is courtesy of Way2Speed Performance’s plug and play dual sport kit called ‘El Diablo’ (Spanish for ‘The Devil’). Based in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the customisation specialist will charge you INR 29,999 for this change which sprinkles a bit of charm from the Dolomites on your Himalayan.


For the amount you spend, the bike gets a new 3-part quarter fairing which promises to be way more aerodynamically efficient than the stock bodywork. High lift front and rear fenders are a part of the kit too, along with a custom made handlebar which aids manoeuvrability. Body coloured knuckle guards with integrated blinkers, saddle stays, and a high mounted custom exhaust can are all included in the package. Interestingly, the kit allows you to pick from three different exhaust systems which have been specifically designed for the Royal Enfield Himalayan.


Before they set out to design a kit like this, the makers were very clear in their minds that whatever they did, they did not wish to disturb the original design integrity of the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Moreover, they wanted the kit to offer the flexibility to dismantle everything and bring the bike back to a stock state if there was ever a need to revert. Finally, 300+ man-hours were spent behind the kit which can make your Himalayan look like this. Apart from the cosmetics and a minor change to the exhaust system, the kit doesn’t bring about any change in the bike’s performance and all other components are in the same state as they came fitted from the factory.


Interested? You may contact Way2Speed Performance by clicking on the highlighted part here. You may also find them on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or leave a text using the messaging app WhatsApp at +919750942345.

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