Meet the Grand Daddy Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Varun’s Labour of Love

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Every now and then, we have showcased a range of modified vehicles on this website, however, most of them are done at a workshop with the owner’s vision and skilled workmanship of various expert mechanics. Modifications are a way of personalising your car, to add a bit of yourself to the car, to make it unique from the thousands of similar models plying on our roads. Varun, an engineer working on a ship and an off-road enthusiast, did the same to his own  Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, but with his own hands, learning everything on the way. Here is his 2014 Pajero Sport, a project which he has been working on and does not seem to ever come to an end. 

Varun Pajero Sport varun and isuzu

Five months after taking delivery, Varun was in the state of Rajasthan cruising on the highway on a family road trip, at a safe speed. All of a sudden a bike joined the State Highway and stood in front of his car, in order to save the biker, Varun steered the car to the right which made the car topple a couple of times and it finally came to a stop in a ditch adjacent to the highway. He and his family walked out of the crash without any major injuries which made Varun think, what if I had got another car? Impressed by the Pajero Sport, he decided to keep the car and have it repaired and running again at any cost. Due to the extent of damage on the car, the service centre decided to write the car off and Varun was not happy with that decision. He took the car to his home, and worked on it for over 1.5 years and got it fixed and running right in his parking lot. A member of the My Pajero Club, which welcomes any generation Pajero owner, Varun now also works on other Pajero Sport SUVs in his free time and recommends modifications only after testing them out on his car first.

Varun Pajero Sport front quarter

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Now addicted to working on his car, Varun spends most of his time when not onboard a ship, underneath his Pajero Sport. The list of modifications done are never ending but here are some of them are engine tune – Stock 178BHP/400Nm raised to 210BHP/500NM, TJM winch bumper with T-Max 8500lbs winch, TJM Gold series 2″ Lift kit, dual battery kit, secondary fuel tank setup and fuel transfer on the fly (stock tank 65ltrs+ 90ltrs secondary tank), Osram Premium HID kit for Low beam + fog lights, Thule rooftop box, negative offset alloys, upsized tyres 275-65 R17, 4x yellow supper fog lights on rooftop, ARB front + rear differential locks, ARB air compressor onboard to deflate tyres, snorkel, rock slider footsteps, Panic alarm, DC to AC inverter, GPS locator, HHO kit (smart mileage booster), TJM heavy duty radiator+Engine+transmission guard, Blaupunkt amplifier with powered 1000 watts subwoofer and Alpine marine grade speakers, customised rear wheel carrier, a fuel manager and Brembo performance brakes. Here are some images of the various parts and the car.

Varun Pajero Sport tyre
Varun Pajero Sport rear
Varun Pajero Sport hydrogen kit
Varun Pajero Sport extra tank
Varun Pajero Sport side
Varun Pajero Sport fuel filter
Varun Pajero Sport rear quarter
Varun Pajero Sport farmhouse

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