VIDEO: Maruti Dzire tries to overtake a Lamborghini, Eeco van’s driver pays with life for its dare


A sad incident unfolded on the Noida Expressway as a Maruti Suzuki Dzire changed lanes abruptly while trying to pull off a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre. Taking its name too seriously, the compact sedan it seems was trying to overtake a Lamborghini Huracan in an intimidating fashion. Trying to salvage the situation, the driver behind the Lambo’s wheel swerves aggressively to the left, clipping a Maruti Eeco van’s front, which then loses composure, topples, and tumbles straight into the bushes as a motorcyclist narrowly escapes being collected by the out of control van.


After making its cousin pay for its sins, the Dzire goes on to hit the divider but continued onwards as if nothing had happened, and so did the Lamborghini. The person behind the Eeco’s wheel was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival, while the Dzire’s driver was later arrested after the victim’s relatives filed an FIR. The Cops are investigating if the Lamborghini was also involved and whether it was racing alongside the Dzire. From what we can see though, it seems that the Dzire was out of control before it heads towards the Italian car, which could mean that either the driver was going too fast, or was in an inebriated state. The possibility of road rage, where the Dzire’s driver tries to intimidate the Lamborghini cannot be ruled out either.

It is common to see excited souls challenging these high-end machines with their everyday commuting tools, gunning it to the very limits for an ego boost, or just to get a good glimpse of some exotic machinery and find out if any known personality is driving it. What they don’t realise is that even at those speeds, those supercars or superbikes are being driven/ridden at less than half of their potential. While on the other hand, the ones chasing those things with their everyday machines are doing that while being right on the edge, putting their own and other’s lives in grave danger. If the Lamborghini in the incident was trying to race too, we think the owner earned his money, but no wisdom at all.


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