Spotted: Scorpio based stretch limo in Mumbai

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Scorpio stretch thane 4

Car modifications today have endless possibilities. Modifications range from cosmetic mods which include a wide variety of body kits, custom paint-jobs, wraps, fancy alloy wheels etc to performance modifications such as an after-market air filter, ECU re-mapping, custom exhaust, free flow air intake et al. While most of these modifications stay within the boundaries of sanity, there are some blokes who don’t mind bringing our scariest nightmares to life by creating some ugly monstrosities. I stumbled upon one such modified contraption recently while riding back home from work.


What you see here in these images is a Scorpio which has been pulled at both ends, resulting in this ungainly abomination. While we don’t exactly hate this limo for having its origins in a humble Indian SUV, what we really abhor is the fact that it adopts the shape of a svelte limo, while trying to have a fascia resembling the Hummer. A limousine, based out of a crude SUV, trying to look like the big daddy of all butch looking off-roaders – get the picture? Its like being the offspring of a race that is a cross between Jamaican, Asian and Mogolian bloodlines – it can’t be pretty.

The donor car for this machine is the previous version of the Scorpio. The stock front panel including the grille and the headlights of the Scorpio makes way for a cheap imitation of the Hummer. The tail lights, though, are still very much from the Scorpio, albeit from the current gen model.

We have utmost respect for the dignity of labour, and this specific model here seems to be the fruition of days of hard work. We say what we say, though, so no one else spends his time and energy in creating something which doesn’t have an identity of its own, and is instead an ungainly mishmash of utterly contrasting themes and ideas.

Creative and stylish or crazy and foolish? Give us your views via comments.

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