Yamaha Bikes Prices And Specifications

A list of Yamaha bikes currently on sale in India. Prices start from INR 51,000 and go all the way till INR 20.39 Lakh in the Indian market.

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Yamaha is a brand that has been quite popular in India, that too across generations. Known to offer the best, precision engineered bikes in the market, Yamaha has become a household name in our country. The most expensive bike offered by Yamaha, the YZF-R1 comes in at INR 20.39 Lakh and at the other end of the spectrum, the Saluto RX comes in at INR 52,000. Yamaha also offers a range of scooters in our market, which offers the ease of zipping in and around in traffic without having to worry about the clutch pedal. The whole range of scooter of the brand received an update not too long ago which endowed them with a crucial safety aid, UBS or Unified braking system. The most expensive scooter offered by Yamaha, the Yamaha Ray ZR comes in at INR 56,698. Here is a list of bikes that Yamaha is currently offering in India with their prices.

Yamaha Bikes List
Yamaha BikeTypePrice (INR – Ex-Showroom Delhi)EngineMaximum PowerMaximum Torque
Yamaha YZF-R1Super Bike20.39 Lakh998cc200PS @ 13,500rpm112.4Nm @ 11,500rpm
Yamaha MT-09Super Bike10.55 Lakh847cc115PS @ 10,000rpm87.5Nm @ 8,500rpm
Yamaha YZF-R3Bike3.49 Lakh321cc42PS @ 10,750rpm29.6Nm @ 9,000rpm
Yamaha Fazer 25Bike1.43 Lakh249cc20.9PS @ 8000rpm20Nm @ 6000rpm
Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 3.0Bike1.39 Lakh155cc19.3PS @ 10,000rpm14.7Nm @ 8500rpm
Yamaha FZ 25Bike1.33 Lakh249cc20.9PS @ 8000rpm20.0N.m @ 6000rpm
Yamaha YZF-R15SBike1.17 Lakh149cc16.58PS @ 8500rpm15Nm @ 7,500rpm
Yamaha FZS-FIBike97,000149cc13.2PS @ 8000rpm12.8Nm @ 6,000rpm
Yamaha FZ-FIBike95,000149cc13.2PS @ 8000rpm12.8Nm @ 6,000rpm
Yamaha Fazer FIBike89,643149cc13.2PS @ 8000rpm12.8Nm @ 6000rpm
Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0Bike69,303149cc12.1PS @ 7500rpm12.8Nm @ 6000rpm
Yamaha Saluto 125Bike60,500125cc8.3PS @ 7000rpm10.1Nm @ 4500rpm
Yamaha Ray ZRScooter56,698113cc7.2PS @ 7500rpm8.1Nm @ 5000rpm
Yamaha AlphaScooter55,730113cc7.2PS @ 7500rpm8.1Nm @ 5000rpm
Yamaha FascinoScooter55,193113cc7.2PS @ 7,500rpm8.1Nm @ 5000rpm
Yamaha Saluto RXBike52,000110cc7.5PS @ 7000rpm8.5Nm @ 4500rpm
Yamaha Ray ZScooter51,417113cc7.2PS @ 7,500rpm8.1Nm @ 5000rpm

Yamaha YZF-R1

Born for the track, the YZF-R1 or affectionately called the R1 is a superbike built for the road and track. Equipped with a host of features like a quick shifter, traction control, ABS and everything else you can imagine, the R1 uses clever cross-plane technology to obtain low-end torque. This bike comes with a 993cc, 4-cylinder engine and is the most expensive bike offered by the Japanese manufacturer in our market.

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha MT-09

The flagship street bike from Yamaha in the Indian market has been launched very recently. With the looks of a transformer and a unique triple cylinder engine, this bike would appeal to people who are looking for ‘hyper naked’ bike. This bike comes with an 847cc triple cylinder engine and some cool looking paint options.

Yamaha MT 09

Yamaha YZF-R3

A fun, yet, the fast motorcycle that you can ride every day, the R3 is currently the only twin-cylinder Yamaha offering in our market. Built around a diamond frame, this bike is inspired by its elder sibling, the R1 and gets the same race track pedigree. The twin cylinder, 300cc motor has just enough juice to keep you excited on the road without the heating issues seen on other higher capacity bikes.

Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha Fazer 25

This faired option with a meaty 250cc motor. This bike is capable to handle long rides and your city commute, both with ease and poise. Making the bike better is a dual channel ABS system which Yamaha added to this bike last month.

Yamaha Fazer 25

Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 3.0

This baby super sports bike is the perfect bike for beginners. With looks and design inspired the big boy Yamaha R1, the R15 offers superbike dynamics with a forgiving engine. The bike is now in its third generation of production in the Indian market.

Yamaha YZF R15 version 3.0

Yamaha FZ 25

Equipped with a grunty quarter litre engine, the FZ 25 offers additional power and is more suited for touring than the regular FZ. Yamaha recently updated this motorcycle with ABS, making it a better overall package.

Yamaha FZ 25

Yamaha YZF-R15S

The YZF-R15S is essentially the second generation of the R15 but with a single seat instead of the dual step seat. The bike was made after Yamaha received feedback on how the raised pillion seat caused discomfort to pillion riders in India.

Yamaha YZF R15S

Yamaha FZS-FI

Launched recently, the FZS-FI is a street bike which has been built tough. The muscular looks when paired with the special paint schemes that come with the S variant make this one of the best looking street bikes in the Indian market.

Yamaha FZS FI

Yamaha FZ-FI

The third generation FZ went on sale last month with the FZS-FI. Equipped with a better, fuel injected engine, the FZ-FI comes with a front disc brake and single-channel ABS as standard. The bike also comes with an LED headlight and a beefy 140 section rear tyre.

Yamaha FZ FI

Yamaha Fazer FI

The first Fazer to hit the Indian market, this is essentially the faired version of the older Yamaha FZ. The fairing on the bike has been designed to give the bike good aerodynamic efficiency and wind blast away from the rider.

Yamaha Fazer version 2.0

Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0

Yamaha’s premium commuter motorcycle, the SZ RR is now in its second generation of production. Hitting a perfect balance between power delivery and fuel efficiency, this bike is for people who want to make their commute to work much more interesting.

Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0

Yamaha Saluto 125

Not many people know that Yamaha has been selling this bike. The Saluto 125 is an economical cruiser which aims to provide good fuel economy while transporting two people in comfort. The bike now comes with UBS technology as well.

Yamaha Saluto 125

Yamaha Ray ZR

A funky scooter, the Ray ZR is aimed towards the younger customer and comes with quite some kit to attract them. The apron mounted headlight looks neat and the front end event gets a disc brake.

Yamaha RayZR

Yamaha Alpha

This scooter from Yamaha comes with a rather sophisticated design and scores high on practicality. Yamaha even offers this scooter with a front disc brake for better braking performance.

Yamaha RayZR (1)

Yamaha Fascino

The fashionable motorcycle in Yamaha’s portfolio, the Fascino is quite a looker. Taking design cues from the fashion industry the Fascino is a bike for those who want to travel in style.

Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Ray Z

A sporty, yet sophisticated scooter, the Ray Z is a scooter that marks the entry point in the Yamaha scooter stable. The Apron mounted headlight is done nice and in a different manner when compared with the funky Ray ZR.

Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha Saluto RX

The entry level bike in the Yamaha stable, the Saluto RX presents itself as an entry-level commuter bike. Tipping the scales at a mere 98 kg, the Saluto RX is probably the lightest bike on sale at this point of time.

Yamaha Saluto RX

Upcoming Yamaha Bikes

Bike NameExpected PriceExpected Date
Yamaha MT-15INR 1,00,000 – 1,10,000Q3 2019
2019 Yamaha R3INR 3,30,000 to INR 3,50,000Q3 2019