Next-Gen Land Rover Defender To Be Unveiled At The Frankfurt Motor Show On 10th September

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British carmaker, Land Rover had recently shown the first glimpse of the next-generation Defender ahead of its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is on the 10th of September. Land Rover had already started revealing small glimpses of its most capable and durable 4×4 in the most land-locked location on earth, which is situated in between the 300m tall Canyons in Kazakhstan. As we already know, over the last 70 years of its pioneering innovation, Land Rover has now earned a special place in the hearts of explorers and adventurous families across the world, as its 4x4s have proven their capability to take on the toughest environments on earth and this is exactly what the new Land Rover Defender is built for.

The Expedition 001 is the conclusion of an exhaustive global testing programme which saw the new Defender successfully complete over 45,000 individual tests and endures temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 degree celsius. These prototype models have already supported Tusk operatives on location in Borana, Kenya, to support lion conservation and have also been driven among the dunes of Dubai by fleet experts from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Besides the peerless luxury and refinement of the Range Rover family and the highly capable and versatile Discovery SUVs, the new Defender completes the Land Rover family. Driven by a passion and respect for the original, the new Defender delivers unparalleled capability and advanced all-terrain technologies to redefine adventure in the 21st century while remaining true to its Land Rover badge.

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Recently, the new-gen Defender successfully completed a demanding testing program with Tusk in Kenya, to support their lion conservation initiatives in Africa. The Defender prototype which was sent was fitted with a raised air intake and was wearing a unique camouflage, which was specially designed according to the surroundings. The supported operations at the 14,000-hectare Borana Conservancy involved tracking radio-collared lions and transporting supplies. This unique test programme gave Tusk operatives a chance to put the new Defender through a series of real-world tests as wildlife managers forded rivers, pulled heavily loaded trailers and negotiated different challenging terrains. The prototype model was even used to help replace the inoperative tracking collar fitted to a male lion, which was sedated at close range from the security of the new Defender. The Borana Conservancy is home to flat plains, deeply rutted tracks, steep rocky inclines, muddy river banks and thick forests, giving the new Defender the perfect chance to showcase its unrivalled capabilities.

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