Watch: RE Himalayan Engine Mended Using a Registration Plate in The Middle of a Jungle


This tale could go straight into a modern day Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. It begins with a man letting off a sigh after being stuck in the middle of nowhere, for his friend’s RE Himalayan refuses to fire up. Swarmed by thick foliage and almost melting in a muggy, tropical forest, these men were trying all the tricks in the book to move a motorcycle named after one of the mightiest mountain ranges in the world.


The first trick they try is to make two Himalayans kiss, hoping the dark beauty somehow rekindles the stalled heart in the white example. A rubbery kiss later, the white Himalayan’s heart still wouldn’t flutter. When asked about the status after the failed attempt, Altaf, the hero of this little adventure figures that the status needs to be unscrewed. They get into the anaesthetic act of emptying all the fuel from the ‘Bucking Bronco’, so that it can be laid on the ground for a little bypass in the middle of a jungle.


By this time, Altaf, the saviour had figured out that a key which holds the crank and the magnet together had come out since the starter motor was rotating free. Thankfully, they were carrying all necessary tools and had ventured deep into the forest as a group. To their horror, they notice that the metal key had chipped away, a part of which rested inside the crankcase. Altaf’s genius mind then makes him cut off a little portion of the registration plate, which was used as a temporary replacement for the broken component.


With all the gears and the crank cover back in place, the RE Himalayan fired back to life, making grown men celebrate around it like they had discovered gold. If you have plans to venture deep into some jungle like this, try tagging a friend along. Unless your name is Altaf, or you know your way around a broken motorcycle.

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