Watch a 1360 PS Koenigsegg One:1 at Suzuka circuit blitzing the track record!

Watch a 1360 PS Koenigsegg One:1 at Suzuka circuit blitzing the track record! The One:1 is a megacar that can generate 2Gs of cornering force on your body.


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The Koenigsegg One:1 is a megacar in every way imaginable. Vital stats include: $1.9 million, 1360 PS, 1360 kg, 0-400 km/h in 20 secs, 400-0 km/h in 10 secs…. The list goes on and on. This time around, the Swedish supercar maker has sent one of their megacars to Japan. With a gutsy Koenigsegg test pilot (Robert Serwanski) behind the racey wheel, the One:1 belts around the Suzuka race circuit. In the initial stages of the video, you will witness Serwanski pushing the megacar around the track. Mind you, this is just him warming up the car for the following quick lap.

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On a tarmac long enough, the One:1 can blitz past you at over 434.5 km/h or 270 mph.

The mighty Nissan GT-R aka ‘Godzilla’, is a fast car and we all know that. However, this insanity on four wheels got around the testing Suzuka race circuit in just 2:17.57! Just so you know, the Godzilla took almost a second more to lap this circuit. This Koenigsegg was running on regular petrol and not E85 – ethanol boosted stuff. There was also no aerodynamic changes that were made and the One:1 had to make do with old, used brake pads. Talking of which, the Koenigsegg One:1 has superlight carbon-fibre wheels which weigh a mere 5.9 kg. That’s the same weight as a pigeon! We are kidding on the avian bit, obviously, but jokes aside, keep your eyes on the two gentlemen seated onboard. This megacar clearly doesn’t cuddle or caress those who poke it with a stick. Anyway, watch this incredible machine and if possible, try and imagine the g-forces in play. Enjoy!


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