Wacky Mod Makes Rear Wiper Dance With The Revs

German modifiers pair the rear wiper with the tachometer. Now you can look in the rear view mirror to check your revs. Check it out here.


Imagine looking through your rear view mirror to check the RPM of your car. Weird, right? Well, some folks over at Germany have done just that – they have managed to sync the rear wiper with the rev counter of the car and it certainly makes for a neat (and wacky) party trick.

The mod seems to be based on the ST version of the Ford Fiesta Mk6. The owner has added a mock-tachometer sticker to the rear windscreen and has also painted the wiper red.


The more important part, however, is that he has managed to hard-code his way through the wiper control unit and has linked that with the engine’s RPM counter. We presume he used the OBD port to access the revs data to make the mod possible.

In the video, the owner gives viewers a brief showcase of the tachometer windscreen. The wiper undergoes a full welcome sweep when the owner starts the car before settling around the 1500 RPM mark. Then, as the driver guns the throttle, one can see the rear wiper dancing around with the rev needle.


The Mark6 was famous for the 2.0 Litre naturally aspirated Duratec petrol motor that produced over 150 BHP. It was very free-revving and actually hitting the 7,000 RPM redline was easy. The setup allowed it to hit 208 kph, making this a very fun hot hatch.

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It also used to get 17-inch alloys and a full body kit complete with a rear spoiler. Buyers got neat ST badging at the front, rear and the steering wheel. It is, however, unknown if any performance changes have been made to this particular car.

While the modified car seems to leave the sporty front and rear bumpers with the diffusers and beefy twin exhaust tips intact, the rear Christmas tree tail lamps seem to have been replaced with a LED unit. Squint closely and you will notice that the lamps also seem to have an interesting start-up glow pattern.

Even though this is undoubtedly a very interesting mod and deserves praise for the effort that has gone in, this is not something that would be recommended. It could prove distracting while driving and we sure hope that the owners have also maintained a bypass switch for the wipers.

Video Credits: Attack Nation

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