No Plans For Seven-Seat Renault Duster; Next-Gen Model To Debut At Frankfurt Motor Show

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We recently saw a heavily camouflaged version of the 2018 Renault Duster testing in Spain. The video revealed various details about what to expect from the next generation model. There have been speculations about a seven-seat version of the compact SUV which was rumoured to be called the “Grand Duster” but Renault’s commercial director Francois Mariotte has denied the development of any such model. Mariotte stated that the car maker did not want to compromise on the compactness and the 4×4 capabilities of the current car.


Speaking to AutoExpress, Mariotte said, “The priority when renewing Duster is to keep all the strengths of the actual model, and one part of this is the chassis or the platform. When you want to transform a car that is a five seater from a seven seater there is no way – you will lose the compactness and the 4×4 capabilities of the car. I know there is a lot of noise going around about a seven-seater on Duster. But it’s not on the plan. You can forget it.”

Renault Duster Petrol CVT (1)

Current Generation Renault Duster – Image For Representation Purpose Only


So while the seven-seat version is out of question, the next-generation Renault Duster, as confirmed by Mariotte, will make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. We’d keep you posted with all the latest details as and when they arrive.

Meanwhile, let us know whether you would’ve liked to see a seven-seat Renault Duster in production through the comments section below.

Source: Auto Express

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