VIDEO: Watch this Audi R8 driver crash and flip but still manage to win the race

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Crashes are a regular affair on race tracks, be it cars or motorcycles. The last thing a race car driver could dream of in such a situation would be winning the race. But what if we told you this could happen? Rather, this situation actually came true. The case in question here occurred during the Macau Grand Prix.


Racecar driver Laurens Vanthoor was in his Audi R8 LMS taking a corner at high speeds when the trouble began. Vanthoor lost control and ended up ramming into a wall before turning turtle. A small fire could be seen even as spectators watched in horror.

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A few seconds later, as luck was in favour, not only did Vanthoor come out unhurt but he also went on to win the race later. How did this happen, you may ask. Following the untoward incident, a red flag was raised and the race was stopped.


As there was no time to restart the race, the winner of the race was decided based on the standings of the previous laps. With Vanthoor being first in the previous lap, he was announced as the winner of the race even though he crashed before the event came to an abrupt end.

While Vanthoor celebrates his win, you can watch the crash video here:

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