Video: Watch the Ferrari Enzo being driven like a rally car!


The Ferrari Enzo is a collectors car, of which only 400 examples were made. Named after the company’s founder ‘Enzo Anselmo Ferrari’, it was built in 2002 using Formula One technology. It featured active aerodynamics and traction control and was capable of hitting speeds in excess of 350 kmph.

Some of these cars went through a crash, some are rotting in a dusty impound lot in the U.A.E and now this man here is seen driving one in red, like a rally car, around his private farm. The path he drives resembles a WRC stage from the Rally of Germany.

Interestingly, the licence plate reads, “TAXTHRICH”, which makes us wonder if it’s the frustration of paying a lot of taxes where he lives, or is it a ”Robin-Hood” styled race car driver who goes around thrashing rich people’s cars and believes that, taxing them is the right way forward.

For a car that makes an everyday appearance in our dreams though, it is being treated too badly. Although whoever that man is behind the wheel knows a thing or three about driving. Putting down around 650 hp from a hyper-car on a damp, broken surface, requires the right bits to be made of Titanium.

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