Video: Motorcycle jumps over low-flying airplane


In all probability, you might have seen something like this happen before. However, try and recall certain sports promos or movie trailers. You will notice, in an attempt to amplify the level of drama attached to that event, they slow down the speed of that video and add some dramatic music. Closer home, switch that telly on and tune into any channel that plays daily soaps. If there is a scene which involves someone slapping, they make sure it is repeated in slow-mo, at least three times.

Cody Elkins is one guy, who jumped up a ramp and flew above a flying plane on a flying bike. The plane looks like it has a habit, which is injurious to health and is so courteous, it flies almost inches away from the ground to let the bike pass above it. If there is a man behind the camera which shot this video, he is as good a daredevil as Cody on that bike, watch how the plane points towards the camera after the jump.

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