VIDEO: Mercedes C-Class takes an expensive turn towards a fuel pump


It has never been a secret that driving in India is an everyday adventure filled with life-threatening risks. No matter how good a driver you are and how much buffer you allow for someone else to commit a mistake, for being human, you will be caught unaware on a day when you drop the guard even momentarily and leave yourself exposed.


In this video, the driver behind the Mercedes C-Class’ wheel is blinded by a bus ahead of him which was moving forward in the wrong lane. Where he should’ve stopped to see if the opposite lane was clear before turning the wheel to the right, he decides to count on his luck and heads straight towards the fuel bunk. After turning, his attention probably diverted towards a Polo which was pulling out of the bunk, while a bus was approaching fast towards his car which sat perpendicular and in the way of oncoming traffic. With too little reaction time available, the Merc gets collected by the state transport bus, although the driver did try to escape the impact haplessly at the last moment.

We aren’t sure if the Merc’s driver was a victim of a situation where he probably saw the oncoming bus before turning but took an unnecessary risk which must’ve been a result of overconfidence. Or maybe he just didn’t see the bus at all. Even if it was the latter, it sure does help if we stop, look, ensure everything’s clear, and then be on our way. The Mercedes sure did a good job of absorbing the impact. But the story could’ve been different had it been a built-to-cost vehicle.


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