Video: Love Motorcycles? This video will give you goosebumps

A video that features Irish Road Racing. A racing series where Motorcycles reach speeds of 320 kmph on regular roads, riders are 1 mistake away from death.


If you happen to live in Bombay, you must’ve experienced someone on a two-stroke motorcyle buzz past you, as you were sedately driving back home after dinner, smiling at your girlfriend. The guy is generally followed by a few more blokes, who race on public roads, putting their own and others lives at risk. These guys are without a helmet, without any safety gear and they cut lanes at triple digit speeds, even if the gap is only a centimeter long. As you continue to drive sedately, there’s a comment from the passenger seat, “You see, this is why i don’t let you buy a motorcycle”.

We don’t approve of such hooliganism, nobody would. What you are about to witness in this video though, will make your heart stop for an entire three minutes and thirteen seconds. So you know about the Isle of Man TT, now imagine that with a Motogp like starting grid, where everyone starts together. These riders hurl themselves at 320 kmph, sometimes a hair away from trees, stones, pavements and spectators. On the cusp of being banned, these guys are either too brave or their passion has overcome everything else a normal human feels. You thought strong people have their family jewels made of Titanium, these guys have a layer of Carbon-Fiber on top of it. Not sure if the music will cause any ‘Sensayshaann’ elsewhere in your body.

It’s a weekend, so we thought maybe you’d want to watch some more..

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  • Reeto says:

    Simply brilliant. The Isle of Man TT is the most legal LETHAL race in the world. Every second feels like life is at the edge of a sharp sword.