VIDEO: Lexus “Dance of F” scintillates Fuji Speedway in spectacular fashion!


Lexus dance of F (1)

We have seen how the Bavarians gather up some of their drift-ready M235i cars and entertain a bunch of unaware folks on the streets of South Africa. Now, the Japanese are known for their drifting and there are some pretty sick videos on YouTube that will more than entertain you, but this one is a little different. In South Africa, BMW managed to hire some Hollywood stunt drivers and put up a great show and here’s the link for it if you fancy watching it again. However, Lexus has decided to warm the cockles of your heart by taking some of their best sports machines to the track at Japan’s Fuji Speedway and make hay while the rubber burns and engines scream.

Lexus dance of F (2)

The Lexus LFA is one heck of a drift machine, as you shall see.

This video features some of the best cars the marque has ever produced. These include a spectacular LFA supercar, 2 RC F coupés and 2 RC F GT3 race cars. Just FYI, the LFA boasts of a carbon-fibre body and is powered by 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V10 that sounds eargasmic. Add the LFA’s music to the rest of the bunch and what you get is an orgy of internal-combustion perfection. Oh, and keep an eye on the LFA and crank up the volume of whatever you are watching this on, all the way to eleven! Tell us what you thought of this Lexus freestyle dance. Did you you like it or do you prefer what the Bavarians did? Let us know in the comments section, below.


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