Video: What happens when an idiot stunts on a public road?


Stunting is something of a interesting phenomena, if done under controlled circumstances and with the right amount of safety gear. Lifting the front wheel of a motorbike, or a wheelie, as enthusiasts call it, is perhaps one of the oldest stunts one can perform on two wheels. When done properly and with judicious care for other road users, it truly can be a spectacle worth watching.

 KTM Stunt Show Ghaziabad (2)

In the world of two wheels, that’s what’s called a wheelie. Nice!


In the world of two wheels, that man is an idiot!

KTM Stunt Show Ghaziabad (1)

Now that’s what we call, a true display of skill. Bravo, guys!

Now that you have seen some stills of what a wheelie is and how it’s done, it’s time to watch a video demonstration of how and where you shouldn’t try and perform one. The man you are about to watch stunting, is in our minds, without a shadow of doubt, a biblical idiot! Always respect other road users and don’t ride without your safety gear. And remember, bike stunts are meant for professionals, not brainless junkies.

Note: Skip to 0:40 for the repercussions of an idiot. Or, you could just watch the whole deal as it unfolds.




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