VIDEO: EKanoo Racing twin-turbo Lexus IS-F takes flight during drag race

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Lexus IS-F crash

Lexus is known for making cars that usually tend to stick to the road and don’t throw too many tantrums while they are it. However, this EKanoo Racing’s Lexus IS-F isn’t part of that boring group, taking itself and its driver into the air, albeit for a brief stint. The sprint starts out just as planned, but approximately half way down the dragstrip, the Lexus decided to use its rear wing for something other than downforce. You can see the car’s nose lifting up and the very next second, it smashes through a safety wall and lands up on the other side of the drag strip. The twin-turbo Lexus IS-F is absolutely wrecked. If you notice carefully, you will spot the rear carbon wing flying off the car just as it hits the barrier wall. We reckon a front lip spoiler and some decent rear diffuser might have come in handy for this Lexus. Well, anyway.

The incident happened at the Bahrain International Circuit. The driver behind the wheel of this renegade Lexus was Khalid Mohamed and we don’t think he fancied flying that night. On a serious note, Mohamed came out of this catastrophic aerodynamic disaster without further incident. This goes to prove a point we have been making for a while, now. Just because you add a fancy rear wing on your car, doesn’t make you a aerodynamicist. But, to cut the poor fella some slack, this might well have been his bad day at the ‘strip’. Guess you won’t look at any Lexus in the same manner you looked at them before. Give us your opinions and thoughts on this Lexus’s flight of fancy.


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