Video: Angry neighbor gets back at the Ferrari Enzo Rally Car


So you watched the video of that Enzo being driven like a rally car around the farm. The neighboring farmer, just as bored, was reading the news sitting inside his tractor, feet up, when he witnessed his rich neighbor in a red time machine fly-by, spots of muck flying to land on his tractor and some on his face. He then took inspiration from a Hindi Movie scene, wiped the muck on his face with the newspaper, cranked up the tractor and went home.

The man was no-where to be seen for a week, until one morning when he dialed Rakhi Sawant and asked her to send the media to his farm. He unveiled the answer to his neighbor’s Ferrari Enzo, named it ‘Terror’ (Rakhi suggested the name over the phone) and took it out for a drive to impress the shutter-bugs. The hurry to get back at his neighbor was such, he forgot to install a roll-cage, a better Recaro seat and a sports steering. Last we heard, farmers in Punjab have contacted him for a bulk order as they really needed a fast tractor that could triple their farms produce, which could also double up as a fancy machine they could use when on a trip to Chandigarh.

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