VIDEO: When Abhijeet Rao’s driving test surprised a young Jeremy Clarkson


Before the world was slapped with Top Gear, there used to be another show about cars and motoring cultures of various countries, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. Called ‘Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld’, the show consisted of two series of six episodes each plus a special focusing on the UK. Each episode focused on a different country or region. The series was first aired in the UK on BBC Two in 1995 and was subsequently shown to an international audience on BBC World.

There was also a book written by Clarkson based on the series, where he described the series as a lighthearted look at the culture of the car in 12 different countries. In this particular episode which was aired on February 9th, 1995, a young Mr.Clarkson is rather surprised when a certain Abhijeet Rao from Bombay takes his driving test. Although a reconstruction, the comments section of the video is full of people who wonder if Abhijeet was even Indian for his accent. Even his hairstyle resembles that of Hugh Grant from the 90s.

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