Top 5 Most Fascinating Car Features Of All Time


Long before TV-sized touchscreens and LEDs became the most sought-after things in a car and all things electronic took over, the magic was all mechanical. Some of these car features we are about to mention, made many examples go straight on our bedroom walls, while some just revolutionised the way we drive. These car features were captivating then, and even with such advancements in technology, these can make a man wonder how,? Even now! Although there are many, here’s our list of the Top 5 most fascinating car features of all time.

Pop-Up Headlamps

Honda NSX pop up headlights

Long before LED DRLs and bumper-mounted projector headlights became cool, some cars featured headlights which would neatly disappear under the bonnet when not in use and pop out when summoned. This feature was adopted by fast cars to maintain a smooth surface for aerodynamic and also styling reasons. Some even used them to beat height regulations so that they could stick lower to the ground. However, with time, pop-up lights disappeared as they added to reliability concerns and some even thought that they made the same car less aerodynamic in the night. But nobody drives as fast after dusk as they do when the sun’s out anyway. We hope these make a return on some new car. However, we doubt LED technology will ever let it happen.

Scissor / Frameless doors

Novitec Rosso N Largo Ferrari 488 Spider 9

There’s something about these which make you want to just open and shut a car door for kicks. Or maybe just keep it open and stare. However, frameless car doors do take away some structural rigidity, unless the roof and B-pillars have been strengthened enough or are made of tough composites, which is the case with expensive cars.

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McLaren winner Dubai 3

Also, as a car moves through the air, there is low pressure around the windows of the car, and this low pressure causes the windows to want to pull away from the sides. Frames built into the doors still do the best job of holding the glass windows in place. On the other hand, scissor doors are all about style and let out in and out of the car when the parking space is tight.

Air conditioning

jaguar f type r coupe ac vents

There was a time when most of us who are in our 30s and above, knew how much ‘fancy’ an air conditioner added to a car. It was a rare feature, mostly optional, and added a lot of more money to a new car’s sticker price. The humble car aircon feature has evolved where it can now cool or heat in separate zones and also comes mated with an air purifier and a fragrance system these days. But if you really wind your head around the technology, you would know how revolutionary it has been for making our travels comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Stereo System

Car stereo


It all started with the humble radio, then moved on to cassettes, discs, and these days, it can simply download tunes from the air and play it through the speakers. The stereo system has come a long way as the car’s virtual occupant whose only job is to entertain and add more to the romance of driving. These days, it also doubles up as an assistant for those who can’t turn their necks to reverse or have trouble with placing the car where they want it to be.

Retractable Roof

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder India (3)

Imagine a completely normal-looking car at a standstill and then suddenly, the metal or fabric roof begins to retract on its own and then folds itself neatly into the boot! It does not just transform the appearance of the vehicle or change how the occupants feel while on the move, it also makes onlookers gawk in awe, till date!

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