Chilling Inside The Tata Sierra, Lads Prove How The Massive Side Glass Was Cooler Than Sunroofs


Nostalgia hits bad when you’re idle and there’s not much to do. We’ve been remembering some old machines lately and one which has been moonlighting our thoughts a lot these days is the Tata Sierra. So we came across an old video on YouTube where a few lads threw away the rear bench from the Sierra and stretched their legs to enjoy the views from that massive side glass with some groovy music for company. Seems like they’ve unbolted and discarded all panels from inside the cabin too! Here, take a look:

You’re probably aware what the Tata Sierra was all about. If you don’t, it was a 3-door vehicle and was also the first SUV to be designed and manufactured in India. Based on the Telcoline pick-up, for the Sierra, the carmaker added more soundproofing along with side members and crossbars before introducing it way back in 1991. Throughout its life, two versions of the same motor powered the Sierra. The first was a 2.0-litre, free-breathing diesel engine sourced from Peugeot which made about 60 odd horses. The second was a turbocharged version of the same motor which cranked out 87 horses. Power was sent either to the rear axle or all four wheels, via a 5-speed gearbox.

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At the Auto Expo 2020, Tata Motors revived the love we have for the Sierra, by showcasing an electric concept which pays homage to the original. The Sierra concept flaunts a wicked-looking illuminated smile and sharp-looking eyes which are made of LEDs. The right side of the car has no doors to accommodate a seamless glass area for the rear lounge and the front passenger chair inside the cabin rotates! The Sierra Concept even featured Evoque-like hidden door handles. Now, if there’s any manufacturer out there whom we trust to put concepts into production and then make them come out looking almost like the beta version, it has to be Tata Motors. We hope the Sierra comes back and it does look like this concept which has been making everyone who has taken a look, drool and gawk, including us.


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