Hero Karizma ZMR

Hero Karizma ZMR

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Rs. 1.08 Lakh

Hero Karizma ZMR Variants, key specs & Mileage

Fuel Type Engine Capacity Transmission Type Power Torque Fuel Efficiency
petrol 223cc Manual 20PS @ 8000RPM 20NM @ 6500RPM 35kmpl

The Hero Karizma ZMR has its good flashback in our country as it has a revelation of features like good power, reliability, and balanced handling with exciting engine capacity when it was initially launched. After the split up from Honda, Hero MotoCorp launched a new iteration of Karizma ZMR during the 2014 Auto Expo. The vehicle didn’t only get the cosmetic updates but the Indian automaker also worked on mechanical updates too.

Hero Karizma ZMR Design

The all-new Karizma ZMR from the Indian automaker has gone through major visual updates and one of the main things is the twin stacked headlamp setup placed vertically on the front fascia of the bike which was inspired from Eric Buell Racing’s 1190RX superbike On both sides of the vehicle headlamp are the turn signal indicators which is also incorporated with LED Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) that runs above the indicators. The windshield is now more aerodynamically bent towards the fuel tank that helps in riding through the long straights. The front design is still bulky as the designers from Hero MotoCorp have been maintaining the same proportions with the old generation vehicle but it feels look good too. The rider seat is large and the shape of pillion split seat setup gets tapered towards the tail of the bike. Exhaust design is also similar to that of the old generation model. The horizontal tail lamp design looks odd but there are people who still love the design.

Hero Karizma ZMR Features

The Hero ZMR features a new instrument cluster with a wide rectangular digital display with a round tachometer placed at the centre. The round dial looks a bit large without any purpose apart from the bike name mentioned inside it. On the left side, it indicates the speed and clock whereas the right side indicates, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge and real-time fuel efficiency. The switch gears used are not best in class but they are better and works well too.

Hero Karizma ZMR Safety

The new Karizma ZMR comes with a 276mm disc at front operated by a double-piston floating calliper and the rear brake is equipped with 220mm disc operated by a single-piston floating calliper. The brakes are sharp and the wide tyres on both front and rear offer sufficient grip on the road.

Hero Karizma ZMR Engine & Performance

The all-new ZMR gets a 223cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that mills out a maximum power of 20BHP of 8000rpm and a maximum twisting force of 19.7Nm at 6500rpm. Instead of using the DOHC which most of the manufacturers use, Hero MotoCorp continues to use the Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) for its updated model. The carburettor fuel system gets replaced with the fuel injection to meet the new emission norms and also to deliver smooth power. The power is transferred through a wet multi-plate clutch to a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox which feels smooth during the shifts.

The power delivery feels smooth during the low end and the mid-end. The amount of torque available is able to go through traffic roads even in the third gear. There is no scorching power output at the high end as the vehicle not to be meant for track usage but for comfortable city usage and also for the highway ride who likes a medieval power in a sport motorcycle.

Hero Karizma ZMR Fuel Efficiency

The highest offering from the Indian brand provides a massive mileage of 48kmpl on average which is the highest mileage in its segment. With balanced power and torque figures and reduced weight form the previous generation model, Hero MotoCorp achieved this milestone. The fuel tank is also larger on the other side which holds up to 15.3 litres of fuel in it. The sports motorcycle will go for 680km on a full tank of fuel which is quite surprising for a motorcycle with more than 200cc motorcycle.

Hero Karizma ZMR Comfort and Ergonomics

The Karizma ZMR comes with a dark contoured gold colour 37mm dia of telescopic suspension at the front and a gas-charged twin coil spring suspension at the rear. Both the side springs may seem to be outdated on looks but it offers enough comfort even though the long rides. The rider and pillion seats are designed with enough padding that one should not feel any discomfort during their ride. The clip-on handlebars, straight swing footpeg position may help when you take the machine for a long drive. A slightly leaned position get the rider to go through the city traffic and the straight-set footpegs are of more useful through highway rides.

Hero Karizma ZMR Pros

  1. Price
  2. Low Weight

Hero Karizma ZMR Cons

  1. Less power
  2. Not enough mechanical updates

Hero Karizma ZMR Colours

Blazing Red
Spotlight White
Moon Yellow and Grey

Hero Karizma ZMR Review

2014-Hero-MotoCorp-Karizma-ZMR-Review-Action-Shots (24)

The phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ stands true when it comes to the new 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR. From racing fighter jets to riding on the North Pole, the Karizma brand has come a long way. But, while the earlier model left an indelible mark on the hearts of the Indian motorcycling enthusiasts, the new variant wasn’t received with much fanfare because of its unconventional styling.

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