With 5720 watts and 150 decibels, the Smart Forgigs concept can burst eardrums!

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Smart Forgigs Concept (1)

When have you been to a theatre and in the middle of your movie, got up and thought, “Hmm, this is awfully loud for me”? If you haven’t done that, seems like Smart and JBL have created that scenario for you. Daimler-owned Smart ForTwo is a tiny little urban runabout. At its best, the ForTwo’s three-pot engine can produce 90 horsepower. The standard car comes with some toys for your entertainment, but apparently those weren’t going to cut the mustard. The audio folks at JBL got a hold of a Smart ForTwo and converted it into “the world’s smallest concert hall on wheels” and then named it Smart Forgigs. After going through the specs on this one, we dare not disagree.

Smart Forgigs Concept (2)

This isn’t a cartoon car, it’s for REAL!

The Smart Forgigs concept is all about audio power and not horsepower. This meant that JBL had to cram speakers and amplifiers wherever they could find space. There are three dedicated amplifiers that run the various tweeters and mids, two special amps that power the ludicrously large 300mm (12-inch) subwoofers. There’s a bluetooth-enabled, 8-channel Mosconi digital signal processor. It can process lossless audio and mp3 files amongst others, with the system being compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Smart Forgigs Concept (4)

Small it may be, but this ForTwo packs a punch unlike any other.

There’s 108 square feet of alubutyl insulation which helps with sound fidelity and there’s almost 330 feet of wiring to connect all of this audio madness. According to Smart and JBL, the sound is crystal-clear and we have no reason to doubt those claims. That said, the combined output of the 16 speakers and those massive subwoofers equal 5720 watts! If that’s not crazy enough, the 150 decibels of absolute sound pressure should rupture your eardrums with ease.

Smart Forgigs Concept (3)

With this much audio oomph(!), the Forgigs should come with its own disclaimer form.

Just to put the above-mentioned noise level into perspective, a modern day jet engine at full whack makes about 130 decibels of racket. So, a small Smart car with 150 decibels banging against your delicate ear drums. With that understood, we don’t think it makes for much imagining. At least the Forgigs comes with fancy DJ-style exterior and cabin ambient lighting. You may go deaf, but at least you can enjoy some disco lighting, which isn’t very unfair. Anyway, let us know what you think about this amazing yet ridiculous Smart concept in the comment section.

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