VIDEO: When God decided to go rallying and a human read out the pace notes

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Rally drivers need no introduction. Where the world derives its highs from speeding in a straight line, these guys just don’t like it until things go out of shape. And they like that to happen while doing ridiculous speeds on a loose surface, inches away from natural hazards. Rallying is motorsport at its very best and this old video goes on to show just that.

In this old footage, Polish rally driver Leszek Kuzaj displays his God like car control skills, while his lady co-driver who’s reading out the pace note tries hard to keep up. Behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza WRC, this video captures his unbelievable driving abilities, as he video games his way through the woods, fields and everything else in between. His frustration reaches a boiling point and pours out at 3:46, when the pace notes aren’t coming fast enough. The lady tries hard though and must’ve lost her voice after the stage. But just look at those driving skills. Worth watching. Trust us.

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