New BS Norms can get you a new 600cc motorcycle for just INR 1 lakh



The BS4 norms have kicked in as a disaster for the auto industry, though the supreme court ruling disallowing the sales of BS3 vehicles has come in as a blessing for many potential buyers. Most bike makers were offering heavy discounts on their vehicles and the showrooms of companies such as Honda were thronged by hoards of people who were falling over each other to get their hands on a motorcycle or scooter of their choice at a heavy discount.

But as the sell by date of 31st March 2016 has been breached, is the party over? Well, for mainstream motorcycle and scooters, yes. However, there is still a chance for those of you who are looking to fish in the higher capacity segment of 600cc and above. Now, while the litre class and other large capacity superbikes, which are typically available in very less numbers owing to their slow moving numbers is not a problem for the makers, motorcycles in the  600 and 650 cc range have become an issue. There is a reasonably large uncleared stock of models in this relatively fast moving machine with the makers.

To get rid of this stock, the bike makers have managed to secure one extra day to dispose these motorcycles at a throwaway price. Some of the 650cc motorcycles, for example, are going for a little more than 2 lakh rupees, some other less popular 600s, on the other hand are down to a little more than one lakh. While the specific details about the prices and showrooms offering this discount is not available, as it is variable, the news about their availability at these prices is confirmed.

Those of you interested in getting the bike bargain of their lives, thus, should immediately pick up your phones and figure out the deals on these motorcycles in your vicinity, and you might just end up with a lottery. There’s no time to waste here, so pick that cellphone up and get cracking with finding your deal. All the best! You can find out the complete details about the estimated prices of various bike models by clicking here

*This post is an April Fool’s prank, and is not to be taken seriously.


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