Video: New Ford Fiesta sedan caught testing in Chennai

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As the launch date of the new car comes closer, we thought it worthwhile to bring back to you this spy video we shot a few weeks ago. Have a look.

Our contributor from Chennai, Joy Sharma along with his friend Pramod has managed to catch for the first time in India, the new Ford Fiesta sedan. The video was shot in the night, and the not so advanced cellphone camera joy was carrying couldn’t quite capture the details of this handsome looking sedan.

From what he reports, the car looked reasonably big (as big as the Tata Manza), and had a humongous boot. The handling was absolutely spot on. The European Fiesta is known for its road manners, and this one felt no different. There should have been a spunky powerplant under that bonnet, as the car was accelerating briskly. From what Joy has to tell, he didn’t quite hear the diesel clatter when he passed the car closely, however, he couldn’t be sure about whether it was a petrol or a diesel powered car.

Here’s the video in its entirety. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the new car…

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