Video: Rally driver crashes head-on into another car during snow stage at night

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snow rally

Rally driving requires skills, a heart the size of an old school V12 and jewels the size of a planet. Mostly sideways even when going straight, it is a spectacle to watch these men drive modified, everyday family cars through slush, rivulets, loose gravel and all kinds of mixed terrain. However, watching a rally stage which involves snow is an experience which will leave your jaws dropped.

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Now if that wasn’t enough, some rally stages on snow happen after it gets dark, amplifying the terror many folds. In this video, as a rally car is being driven on full chat on a narrow path, walled by the white stuff, the driver suddenly encounters another car in his path. Someone drove their vehicle onto the rally stage and managed to park it in the way of incoming off-road missiles. Thankfully, even after the head -on collision, all the individuals involved in the incident are reported to be alright.

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