Video: Nissan LEAF ‘What if everything ran on petrol?’ ad

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Nissan really loves messing with its competitors when it comes to ads. A few months back the company locked horns with Ford by portraying the American company’s engineers as pleasure-seeking mortals, indulging in luxuries using the extra money they charged from their customers.

Now here is another such example. In its latest North American LEAF electric car ad, Nissan is very subtly taking a shot at GM. The ad portrays a world where everything rom hair dryers, to microwaves, to laptops are powered by petrol. As the ad draws towards its end, it shows a man filling his Chevy Volt at a fuel station, and getting envious of another guy who recharges his LEAF and drives away. Notable here that the Volt is not a full EV, it is a range extended electric vehicle that uses petrol to extend its range.

Have a look. We find it damn interesting. Hope you’d love it too.

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