Video: Meet this 17 year old drag queen with her 1300 hp Camaro daily driver

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17 year old drag racer2

This week, we reported about Raheesh Khatri from India, the 6 year old wonder who’s the world’s youngest motocross racer. From the other side of the ocean, comes Alex Taylor, all of 17 years of age with her ride – a 1300 hp, twin-turbo, drag ready ’68 Chevy Camaro. Gifted by her mom, and tuned by her dad, she even uses the Camaro as her daily driver, driving it to school every day, with the air-conditioning and radio on.

Alex Taylor - 17 year old drag racer

Alex – The 17 year old drag queen

 In 2013, at age 16, Alex Taylor became the youngest competitor to ever participate in Drag Week, a Kansas based event where quarter-mile racers compete in time trials at four different drag strips five times in five days, driving their competition vehicles on public highways from track to track without the assistance of a support vehicle. The car that posts the quickest average elapsed time over the five days of racing is the winner in each class.

17 year old drag racer

Now 17, Alex has changed to a much more serious twin-turbo setup for the car, making it faster than ever, but it still serves as her daily driver. In the video below, she is talking here a bit about the car, the build process, and about using it as a daily driver. You’ll get to see her make a few passes too, getting very low in the 9s.

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