TVS Zeppelin: What To Expect?

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The TVS Zeppelin, despite being a concept which was showcased two years ago at the 2018 Auto Expo, has managed to stay popular. TVS recently patented the name ‘Ronin’ and that hints at an upcoming motorcycle from the Hosur-based two-wheeler Giant. TVS has also hinted at an upcoming motorcycle will share the same 310 platform on which the Apache RR 310 was developed. The Zeppelin is also said to be on the cards and here’s what we can expect from a production-spec version which could arrive next year:


The concept which was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo featured a 220cc engine coupled with a 1200W regenerative assist motor with 48V Li-ION battery. Though it’s highly unlikely that TVS will develop a new hybrid engine for the Zeppelin when they already have a host of engine options available in their portfolio. They could swap in the same 197.5cc oil-cooled engine found on the RTR 200 4V which is good for 20.5 ps @ 8500 rpm. Like mentioned above, TVS is also planning to launch another motorcycle based on the 310 platform. Although we think this will be a different motorcycle altogether, we won’t be surprised to see the same motor power the Zeppelin.

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TVS Zeppelin Front Three Quarter

The instrument cluster

TVS pays special attention when it comes to designing instrument clusters of their motorcycles. They understand that instrument clusters loaded with features and smartphone app compatibility are the order of the day! It would be safe to assume that TVS will leave no holds barred in designing the Zeppelin’s instrument cluster. It could host the same connectivity features found on the Apache RR 310 too! When they can pull it off with the Ntorq, they might as well do it with the Zeppelin too, right?

Cycle parts

Targeted at the new-age long-distance rider, TVS Zeppelin concept was a sleek metal-bodied cruiser in a striking shade of rustic brown. It featured some premium cycle parts too including front USD forks and a rear mono-shock. The same suspension setup could make its way to the production version too. The concept also boasted of an integrated HD Action camera to capture your riding adventures on the go. TVS might not include the latter but they have never shied away from dressing their motorcycles with premium cycle parts. That shouldn’t change with the Zeppelin either.

TVS Zeppelin Side

TVS’ first cruiser

Part of the reason why it garnered so much attention at the 2018 Auto expo and still manages to do so is that TVS currently has no cruiser in their portfolio. The TVS Zeppelin came out as a new milestone in the world of cruising, where power cruising and a minimalist design blend seamlessly with cutting-edge technology. The riding posture of the TVS Zeppelin concept was aggressive yet comfortable, with a two-up seat, lowered bars and feet forward highway pegs. If TVS decides to put the Zeppelin into production, it could manage to make a dent in the astronomical sales figures of Royal Enfield.


It will totally depend on how the production version of the Zeppelin turns out to be. We aren’t sure which powertrain will TVS decide to go with. If they swap in the same motor which does the job in Apache RTR 200 4V, they could price it at around INR 1.50 Lakh but if the Zeppelin turns out to be the rumoured 310 platform-based motorcycle, it will certainly cross the INR 2 Lakh mark. It also depends on which cycle parts TVS decides to deploy in the Zeppelin. There’s one thing for sure, looking at the stiff competition, TVS would want to make a statement by pricing the Zeppelin aggressively.

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