TrakTape: An easy, peel-n-stick solution for track days


With an increasing number of owners in India taking their machines to the track, we’re sure many must’ve been through the messy process of taping up lights with cheap and ugly looking duct tape in order to comply with track regulations. For those unaware, a racing track requires to have glass and plastics covered to prevent both the distractions of headlights, tail lights and glare, but also to avoid the scattering of those pieces in the event of a crash.


Up until now, this process has been both time-consuming, messy and painstaking. Cutting and placing strips of tape off a roll is both tedious, inefficient, and takes away from valuable time on the track. Enter TrakTape, which solves all of these issues in an easy, peel-and-stick solution that comes all on one sheet. Custom-designed for the specific designs and colors of individual brands of commonly used track motorcycles, TrakTape is not only simple to apply, but also comes off with no damage, mess or residue. The added bonus is that track photography looks clean and professional.


The company also offers their WSBK-style faux headlights for track-only race fairings. TrackTape is currently available for Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW, Aprilia and Suzuki. With many new brands to be added to the list soon, the product is available in both single sheet and multi-pack options. TrakTape is currently sponsoring MotoAmerica racers Corey Alexander (1000 Superstock) and Connor Blevins (600 Superstock) who use the product on their racebikes for the MotoAmerica races.


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