This projector headlamp setup with a colour changing DRL ring is all the rage among Bulleteers these days

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Royal Enfields are perhaps the most tinkered with pieces of machinery in India. And because they roll out of the factory in an old school, sort of gentlemanly attire, some like it that way, while some take efforts to make the motorcycle stand out. Since there aren’t any aerodynamics to be spoilt, or any advanced electronics which could malfunction, aftermarket accessories are mostly the bolt-on types which require a couple minutes of a local mechanic’s, or an active owner’s time.


Annoyingly loud exhaust pipes are the most popular, followed by handlebars and alloy wheels. However, many seem to be taking the Illuminati route these days, and are fixing more than necessary auxiliary lights on their bike’s crash guard. We came across some who’ve found a more compact and modern alternative to that, in this bolt-on projector setup that also features a colour changing DRL ring. Called the MXSHL98 LED Projector headlight for REs, these are made by a company called MXS Motorsport based in Delhi. Their website is full of these bolt-on setups for Enfields and although we cannot verify, but they say these products are DOTSAE E9 approved.


The Headlight Assembly features a Smoke Black Reflector, two “D” shaped optical lenses, a single low-beam lens, and one high-beam lens. The fancy item inside though is a Dual mode daytime running light which glows white in the parking mode and can also be converted into Amber color anytime. The product description further mentions, “Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds additional punch down the middle of the road. Horizontal “D-shaped lenses focus light into a pool in front of the motorcycle, and separate high beam and low beam projector lenses provide a focused beam of light ahead”. The 90W accessory is priced at Rs.6,590 and there are many alternatives to pick from.

P.S: Motoroids does not endorse this product or take responsibility for any damage caused to your pockets, motorcycle or otherwise due to the installation of these lights.

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